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The new trend: erotic hypnosis

Filed in Adult | Posted by admin on July 17, 2023

The new trend: erotic hypnosis

The latest trend in the sexual field is erotic hypnosis, a powerful tool with which it is possible to do unimaginable things, taking mind and body where it has never been: try new erotic games, control the partner’s excitement level, intensify or block orgasm.

In the sexual field Escort Milano and in constant search for novelty, fun and never-tried experiences, which help to revive a couple relationship or simply help to discover new sensations through the occasional encounters that take place.

One of the latest trends in the field of sexuality is erotic hypnosis, this very particular practice that has been carried out for quite some time now generates numerous theme parties, seminars and meetings, which aim to cleanse one’s partner in trance with the to guide feelings and behavior.

Hypnosis is used for sexual purposes, and is one of the tools with which it is possible to realize one’s sexual fantasies.

With erotic hypnosis you have the opportunity to try new erotic games, control the degree of excitement and pain of your partner, intensify or block the orgasm, thus reaching the maximum points of pleasure.

The practice of erotic hypnosis is particularly widespread among people who love to practice BDSM, who see the practice as a way to savor the dynamics of domination and to abandon themselves to a condition of total submission, obviously all this happens in a consensual relationship.

Erotic hypnosis can be practiced anywhere, a simple word or a light touch will be enough to unleash your imagination and let you enter an unknown world of pleasure. During erotic hypnosis it is possible to bind oneself with invisible ropes, use blindfolds and mental gags thus experimenting with role-playing games.

The hypnotic orgasm turns out to be much more powerful than the classic one, being that it arises from the mind and then expands to the body which will begin to enjoy the pleasure.

Through the practice of erotic hypnosis both partners will decide when to reach orgasm, often achieving something that both sexes desire, obviously the man at a threshold seeks is no longer able to hold the ejaculation not satisfying in a way total the woman, but thanks to hypnosis the woman can control the mind of the man thus managing to reach multiple orgasms too.

Furthermore, erotic hypnosis is not only used for sexual enjoyment by trying new experiences, but it is also used for therapeutic purposes to overcome sexual blocks, rediscover sexual pleasure and improve performance anxiety.