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Is It Safe to Travel to Peru With an Escort Peru?

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on February 14, 2024

Is It Safe to Travel to Peru With an Escort Peru?

Many visitors to Peru enjoy experiencing sexual pleasure from local sex workers, but you should beware of potential scams when travelling there. For instance, receiving an e-mail purporting to be from one of your Peruvian acquaintances (but likely someone impersonating them) claiming they’re in trouble and require you to send large sums of money in order to buy them out is an alarm bell for many tourists or locals unaware. Criminals use such scams as an opportunity to extort money from innocent tourists or locals unwittingly.

Although sex work is legal in Peru, pimping and operating brothels are illegal. Therefore, sex workers face difficult working conditions and potential dangers on the job. A recent study discovered that sex workers were at increased risk for infection with gonorrhea and chlamydia infections as well as higher rates of sexual risk behaviors than men in general population. Furthermore, sex workers had greater HIV exposure risk and more frequently reported intimate partner violence histories.

Legal status of sex work in Peru remains uncertain, though most women employed in Lima’s red light districts do not operate under any form of official licensure as prostitutes or maintain regular client contact. Instead they are called peperas – typically young women in their 20s – known to provide services at minimum rates of 20 Peruvian Soles per session in an economy plagued by poverty – making this form of income rather inaccessible in terms of dollars per hour in an otherwise wealthy nation like Peru.

Sex workers that operate as traffickers use the Internet to promote their services and facilitate encounters between men from different countries and locals. They typically target areas with high tourist populations like Lima’s Plaza Mayor and Miraflores’ Park Kennedy club where tourists gather. They can be very convincing and seductive but are unregulated or licensed by any government agency.

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